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Read the posts below to see what wedding gigs Alex has been doing recently and read about forthcoming gigs he is preparing for.

This page replaces the old blog: which ended in July 2013 when this new site was built. You can still check the old blog for previous posts.

Alex posts recent experiences, gigs, new equipment purchases as well as general stuff he found on the internet, but there is also a Facebook page where you can keep in touch with him.

Wedding at The Battery Club, London Docklands. Piano hired for the day

Not just weddings - bridal showers and baby shower
It is not just weddings that I perform at. Obviously, weddings and corporate events are the most well paid, however the most musically educational, challenging and technical are the low or no-paid gig ...more
7th of May 2017

Four month contract at Brasserie Zedel
Between 1st of September and December 31st 2016 I was booked to perform at Brasserie Zedel in Central London, 7 days a week between 3.30 and 5.30pm as wel ...more
5th of October 2016

Should the piano be in tune
So, yes - as a professional pianist it is always nice if the piano is in tune and working nicely. To be honest, I have never had an experience where I have turned up to play at a gig and the piano is ...more
7th of September 2016

Reggae Wedding
One of the most special weddings I have had to arrange was last May 2016, held at an art gallery in Lambeth. At first, the groom contacted me asking for a jazz trio playing with a 'regg ...more
5th of June 2016

Happy New Year 2016
Here are some photos of the last wedding I performed at in 2015, at the Amadeus Centre in Paddington, west London. ...more
13th of January 2016

Street Piano at Herne Hill Railway Station
There's a very charming piano near to me in Herne Hill station, there for anyone to play who wants to. The one problem I had with it is that the wooden platform it is on doesn't leave enoug ...more
24th of September 2014

Wedding Requests | violin piano duo
This June, a piano violin duo were hired to play three tunes during the ceremony at a venue in Putney. The music was written out from the original ...more
17th of August 2014

Wedding at Mayfair Club
Looking forward to performing at a wedding tomorrow afternoon at the In and Out club in Mayfair. If I get any photos or recordings, will post them ...more
30th of May 2014

Photo of performance at Cafe Royal Hotel, Piccadil
Many thanks to Aurelijus Varna from Varna Studios for sending me this great photo. We were both working on a birthday event at the splendid Cafe Royal Hotel ...more
9th of May 2014

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